Educational Material

On this page you will find some the fruits of our animation studio, where we create fractal art out of the very biodiversity our livelihood is dependent upon and a product of the systems we manage. Enjoy, if you care to, the self-referencing spectacle of nature coming to know itself through our hands as animators.

Morshella – Tornado Ballet of the Fire Mushroom
Behold; the whispering, splintering post-truth era 2020 tribute to our annihilating world, expressed as a flower of mycelium consciousness on the winter solstice. Crank it, sit back, and be disturbed.
Polypolis, the City of Many! Behold the unfolding of cosmic consciousness coming to know itself through the structure of evolutionary mushroom action. Positive, mysterious, witness some of the glory of the Polypore family…
Imohori Choja – translated “The Success of the Potato Digging Man” an adaptation on an old Japanese folklore.