The Kind of Feel We Have

Welcome welcome friend to an awareness of the energetics of our humble operations. . .

To begin tasting the NRPRI flavor, behold the young, new sprouting regrowth from an ancient, long gone tree

Old-timey and of gentlemanly stature is the nature of our work, indubitably and indispensably so

Large scale planning, to any resolution, we are ready to retrofit the whole world and create new beginnings…

Labyrinthine laboratory of the Alchemist – We got some serious medieval renaissance vibes up in here

Ancient cosmic insight, channeling shamanistic mushroom wisdom

Medieval Era – Pantocrator as The Divine Architect of the Universe

Here, see paradoxical infinity loops in interdimensional fractal topology space

Self-referencing feedback loops product of design

At political edges of nations, differences of land management become evident

We pull our inspiration from the greatness of antiquity, from everlasting Atlantean harmonics

Here the desertification caused land management is seen across access road boundaries

Here the separation is in TIME and MANAGEMENT for the same broad acre space

Oh yes – if a landscape mirrors the soul of its keepers, how will you manage the space you inhabit?

We could have a very abundant, low energy, healthy and blessed future if enough of us can just work together. . .